For journeys undertaken for the purposes of tourism:

  • valid biometric passport - its validity shall extend at least three months after the intended date of departure from the territory of the Member States;
  • a return or round-trip ticket;
  • hotel reservation or any other appropriate document indicating the accommodation envisaged;
  • travel insurance;
  • evidence of sufficient means of subsistence:  
  • If accommodation and living expenses are prepaid for up to 30 days, the passenger must have 14 EUR per day.
  • In case of longer stay, he / she must present a bank statement confirming his / her financial security and the card for using this account, or a credit card, or cash.

If the inviting person covers living expenses in Latvia, a letter of guarantee from the host is required. The letter should contain travel dates and relevant statement about the financial security.

Proof of financial means may take the form of cash, credit cards and checks. Declarations of sponsorship and letters of guarantee from hosts may also constitute evidence of sufficient means of subsistence.

For journeys undertaken for private reasons (visiting friends and relatives) in addition to the abovementioned documents you must present:

  • Invitation letter: Aliens staying at the private person (Latvian citizen or legal resident) shall provide copy of passport or residence permit of the host, address and contact number. It is also recommended but not mandatory to present signed invitation letter, which should be registered at the Office of the Citizenship and Migration Affairs.


For business trips, journeys undertaken for the purposes of study or other types of training, or for journeys undertaken for political, scientific, cultural, sports or religious events or other reasons in addition to the abovementioned documents you must present:

  • an invitation from a firm or an authority to attend meetings, conferences or events connected with trade, industry or work;
  • other documents which show the existence of trade relations or relations for work purposes;
  • entry tickets for fairs and congresses if attending one;
  • a certificate of enrolment at a teaching institute for the purposes of attending vocational or theoretical courses in the framework of basic and further training;
  • student cards or certificates for the courses attended;
  • invitations, entry tickets, enrolments or programmes stating wherever possible the name of the host organisation and the length of stay or any other appropriate document indicating the purpose of the visit.

In case of traveling for a short-term medical course / operation, you must additionally provide:

  • Consent of the medical institution in which you plan the treatment and / or the recommendation of the Georgian medical institution to carry out the relevant treatment in the EU member state;
  • Medical insurance for the entire travel period;

Confirmation of financial support for travel and treatment with cash, valid electronic card or document confirming the transfer.