Aliens legally staying in Georgia shall apply for visa to the LEPL Public Service Hall/LEPL Public Service Development Agency or to the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, with an appropriate application personally or by the representative, both for electronic and for tangible submissions no later than 45 days before his/her lawful stay in Georgia expires.


General requirements to documents to be submitted

Documents necessary for obtaining visa must be submitted in the official language of Georgia or in English.

If a document is translated, the document must be submitted along with translation certified under legislation.

Documents that are necessary for obtaining visa but have been issued in another state, must be submitted after they have been duly legalised or apostillised in original form. It is also possible to submit the legalized or apostillised copy of the document if the original was respectively legalized or apostillised as well.

The document does not need to be legalised or apostillised if it is submitted for obtaining the Diplomatic or Special visas as well as the documents issued by the following stated does not need to be legalised or apostillised while applying for any type of visa: Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Tajikistan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Turkmenistan and Russian Federation.


To obtain Georgian immigration visa, following documents must be submitted to the LEPL Public Service Hall/LEPL Public Service Development Agency or to the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

  1. Travel document – to obtain Georgian visa, the document must meet the following criteria:
  • Travel document´s validity must extend at least three months after the validity of Georgian visa.
  • Travel document must not be damaged and must not contain unauthorized markings.
  • Travel document must contain at least two empty pages and must be issued within last 10 (ten) years;
  1. Visa application filled out electronically and signed in tangible form

  2. Proof of sufficient financial means during the travel period can be presented by one of the following documents:
  • Document verifying that an alien will personally cover travel expenses – bank statement of an alien within last 6 months, salary verification letter, other document verifying that an alien has sufficient funds to travel to Georgia;
  • A letter of sponsorship (In tangible form).
  • Document verifying obtaining grant/tuition, scholarship.
  • Document - “Proof of Tuition Fee Payment”
  1. Receipt of “payment visa fee” must be submitted together with the required documents while applying for Georgian immigration visa at the Consular Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs ; Consular service fee is 40 Gel, which must be transferred to the following account number:

Receiving Bank: STATE TRASURE
Code: TRESGE22
Account Number: 302003161


If the applicant submits the required documents at the LEPL Public Service Hall/LEPL Public Service Development Agency only the service fee receipt must be presented which can be paid on the place.


  1. Personal photo according to ICAO standards;
  2. A receipt confirming the payment of a fine must be presented if a fine has been imposed on an alien for an illegal stay on the territory of Georgia;
  3. Individual health insurance – must be valid for the duration of visa validity and must cover the whole territory of Georgia.
  4. Proof of  accommodation during the travel period can be presented by one of the following documents:
  • Document issued by a physical person (individual entrepreneur) or a legal entity registered in Georgia verifying that a person provides accommodation to an alien. The document must indicate the place of accommodation and the duration of stay – in a material form;
  • Document verifying accommodation reservation (hotel booking and other) – in a material form;
  • Rental agreement of the accommodation
  • Notarized invitation of an inviting person verifying alien’s accommodation
  • Other document which can verify proof of accommodation in Georgia
  1. To issue visas to minors and/or persons with mental disorders, the visa issuing authority must be provided with the consent of their legal representative. Such consent must be expressed in written form.
  2. If a person with representative powers submits papers, the document evidencing such representative powers must be presented to the visa issuing authority.
  3. Document proving the purpose of the visit:


For Business/Employment purpose

  • Document verifying labor relationship (commercial, professional) between an alien/his/her employer, a physical entity residing in Georgia, and a legal entity registered in Georgia. In case of labor relationship between an alien’s employer and a physical entity residing in Georgia or a legal entity registered in Georgia, a document verifying labor relationship between an alien and relevant foreign organization must be submitted.
  • Document issued by the relevant foreign institution verifying that an alien is employed in the institution and required business trip to Georgia;
  • Relevant labor contract containing information about the duration of the contract with the alien and the amount of remuneration or other types of income.


For engaging in entrepreneurial activities

  • Extract from the public registry verifying that an alien is a founder/cofounder or a legal representative of an entrepreneurial (commercial) legal entity registered in Georgia.


For the Educational Visits

  • Document verifying admission in the authorized education institution;
  • Document issued by the authorized educational institution (letter, student ID, etc.) verifying that an alien studies on the educational program of the mentioned educational institution (educational course, exchange program, undertaking research, language courses, qualification courses, etc.)


For the Family reunification

  • Document verifying ties of relationship;
  • Document verifying that an alien’s family member legally resides in Georgia (except alien’s family member resides in Georgia on the basis of short-term visa).


Foreign citizen, the owner of the real estate (other than agricultural land) in Georgia must present

  • Real estate possession document;
  • Document proving the market value of the real estate. The market value of the real estate set by the, the certified appraiser of the public law entity - National Authority - accreditation center. Real estate value must be more than 35,000 US dollars equivalent to GEL.

If necessary, visa issuing authority is authorized to request additional documents.