Consular registration


Consular registration means keeping the record of Georgian citizens temporarily or permanently staying abroad. You can get registered if you are:

  • Georgian citizen temporarily staying abroad;
  • Georgian citizen permanently staying abroad;
  • Stateless person permanently staying in Georgia.


Consular registration does not lead to any kind of legal consequences or obligations from you and aims to effectively protect your rights by a Consular Office; for example: to identify where you are and to effectively assist you in a state of emergency in a foreign country. 


Consular registration will let you to participate in parliamentary and presidential elections of Georgia abroad.


You can get consular registration by visiting a consular office or by post. But you can most easily get consular registration through the web page:


List of documents to be submitted:

  • Application;
  • Any kind of document proving that the applicant is a citizen of Georgia or a stateless person permanently staying in Georgia;
  • In case of applying for consular registration by proxy - a proxy form and an ID card of a person acting as proxy.
  • A photo and a document proving you’re staying in a foreign country (not necessary).


There are different procedures concerning the documents to be submitted in case of applying for consular registration via the web page. It is necessary to submit a photo.


The applicant may be denied the service if:

  • An applicant’s permanent or temporary residence place is not in the consular district of a consular office;
  • The service is not required by an authorised person.


The applicant may be denied the service (if applied through the web page) if:

  • It can not be identified submitted personal data;
  • It can not be identified the applicant’s staying fact abroad.


The service is free of charge.