Long-term diplomatic visas of the following categories shall be issued:

A2 category – to employees of diplomatic and equivalent missions accredited to Georgia, and to consular officials and their family members; to employees of representation offices of international organisations located in Georgia, who have been granted the diplomatic status by Georgia, and to their family members;

Long-term special visas of the following categories shall be issued:

B2 category – to administrative, technical and service personnel of foreign diplomatic missions, consular employees and service staff of consular offices, and to their family members and private domestic servants; to employees of representative offices of international and humanitarian organisations located in Georgia and their family members; to private domestic servants that accompany the A2 diplomatic visa beneficiaries;

B3 category – to persons arriving in Georgia under bilateral and multi-lateral treaties of Georgia, members of the peace-keeping forces and other military contingents deployed in Georgia under an international agreement of Georgia, and their family members;